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One of the great things about writing these memoirs is I’m in touch with many Gibraltarians (and others with a passion for the Rock) on Twitter; quite often I’m able to ask them if my writings are correct (authentic) which allows me to make any changes. More and more we are often having conversations on Gibraltar themes which are quite fascinating for both me and them. (Readers are welcome at my Twitter @spailpinfanac).
Today I posted a photo on Twitter and asked for help in identifying the location because I couldn’t remember where it was and it didn’t look familiar to me; it wasn’t long before several people joined in the thread and helped me out with the conversation continuing (on-and-off) for most of the day.

(Tracey at Camp Bay).


The photo I posted on Twitter is the one above and (thanks to Twitter friends) turns out to be Camp Bay; the child in the photo (in red) is my daughter Tracey. The photo below was one that I found with the other and is of Carol which I now think was also taken at Camp Bay on the same day.

(Camp Bay. Carol and Tracey)


Now that I know the photos are of Camp Bay I do remember that lovely outdoor lido atmosphere about the place and the gorgeously warm days; I’m not sure but I think that side of the Rock had the sun longer than the other which made for lovely long days. 

(Camp Bay 2016)

During the conversations I had on Twitter a really interesting discussion ensued about the ornamental ‘Dolphins’ in the Camp Bay pool. I think people said there were three of them and that they used to spout water like fountains but were no longer there today. I couldn’t remember them at all and wondered if they were even there in the 70s at the same time as me – until someone actually pointed one of them out in my own photo (at top); ha ha couldn’t have made that up. If you look very closely at that photo you may be able to make out the black back of one of the dolphins just to the right of the lamp post. It’s funny because since it was pointed out to me I do now recollect the Dolphins and think it’s really sad that they are not there anymore. It would be lovely if they included them somewhere within the Camp Bay complex.
Throughout our time in Gibraltar we were always spoiled for choice in the evenings and at the weekends because there were so many places to take the children and spend quality family time. On my recent visit (May 2016) my most enduring thought on leaving was that had changed – there were even more lovely things to do and places to go in Gibraltar than ever which I will write about in Chapter 3 of these memoirs.

*UPDATE FROM NICKY DANINO: hi Alan the dolphins are still there, just not in the actual pool. when they refurbished the pool they took them out and they are now lined up to one side!