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By the time we got ‘home’ (what a great word for our new flat in Trafalgar House that we hadn’t even spent a night in yet) it was really dark. As we entered the lobby of the building there was a really weird rustling sound coming from the bins that were kept there. Immediately Carol got quite alarmed and whispered “What’s that?”, then froze hanging on to me for fear of death – (or even worse!). Not knowing what it was I moved closer to the bins to try to see but with every step I took Carol had to take a step too and with the rustling noise getting louder and louder she was starting to freak out.

Just then I had a light bulb moment (for want of a better phrase) – I’d reach over and switch the lights on and then we’d both see what it was making the noise. Reaching over to the switch I became aware we were both staring, eyes wide open at the bins; the second I flicked it on Carol let out a blood curdling scream as hundreds of cockroaches ran all over the walls and floors for cover. We were not alone.

I can’t say it was one of my best moments and it certainly wasn’t how I had hoped the evening would end – not that I minded Carol jumping up into my arms I would just have preferred it to have been a little more romantic. Carol has something of an insect phobia (if there is such a thing) and so it took me some time to calm her down but eventually we made our way upstairs to find our baby sitters happily telling us Tracey and Sam had been lovely and both were flat out asleep.

Apart from cockroaches in the bins our time at Trafalgar House was lovely, Carol and the children settled well in the flat and we took advantage of me being on leave to get out and about a little so that everyone could become orientated. Naturally we had to think carefully before leaving the flat (because it was a long way back up if we forgot anything) but just being together again compensated for any inconveniences. In total (if I remember rightly) we were only at Trafalgar House for two or three weeks before a Naval Caravan became free but I have very treasured memories of those times. We even had a cat. Okay it was a Ferrell cat but it was a cat that kept the cockroaches out 🙂

For me the loveliest thing about it all was that we had finally come through a really emotionally difficult transition and now had a normal family life. Just watching Carol feed Sam on the couch or Tracey laughing out loud was nirvana; not even winning the lottery could have come close.