RockART – A visual Mosaic

A collection of 12 acrylic paintings depicting treasured memories from my book RockHeart which tells of my forty year relationship with Gibraltar. Individually created the paintings tell their own stories as they stand alone but when exhibited together as a mosaic illustrate the wider narrative of my deep attachment to the Rock. 

This unique art project began in May 2018 and is estimated to take one year to complete. Readers are welcome to join me on my creative journey and comment with ideas and opinions. I hope on completion to exhibit these paintings one day in mosaic form in Gibraltar. I also hope that if each one goes off to adorn the walls of twelve separate residences that periodically they come back together to remind the viewer of my wider narrative. 

30 May 2018. Gibraltar’s Best Kept Sectret #GibsBKS

With #RockART being a work-in-progress I know from past experience new ideas come along on almost a daily basis even when the outcome is not quite thought out or decided. A thought I had yesterday, to give an additional dimension, was to ask the people of #Gibraltar and those with a connection to the Rock what in their view was Gibraltar’s Best Kept Secret with a view to me including these within the artwork. So if anyone would like to contribute I’d love to hear from you. Ideally please reply to me using hashtag #GibsBKS with your name, nickname or initials. Thankyou. 

29 May 2018. Graffiti 

To start thinking about themes I begin by creating a series of graffiti boards to focus my mind. Here my thoughts are in the 1970s long before Commonwealth Park, the Windsor Suspension Bridge or the Skywalk were even conceived. I have a need to visually record something from the seventies but at this stage haven’t decided what although I’m leaning towards including HMS Scylla F71, aboard which I first visited the Rock.

27 May 2018. Planning.

These initial stages look crucially at what size individual images need to be –  partly because they need to be an acceptable size if they end up on the wall of a typical home after the exhibition – but also in order to know the ultimate size of the collection when exhibited as a mosaic.  I have chosen to paint each image on A2 canvas boards which will be displayed four inches apart making the overall mosaic 12 foot x 6 foot 6 inches.



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