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The Old Town stands so proudly with her history and mystery

watched over and protected by the Castle of the Moors.

A labyrinth of wonder are her backstreets and her alleyways

ingrained so deep in secrecy behind her old closed doors.

Sunrise over Catalan Bay bids farewell to Levanter

as another day awakens flying reds and whites and blues;

so ever-present a reminder of the fight against oppression

that since yesteryear has challenged people’s rights and peoples views. 

Though faded now from days gone by, the painted steps are clear today,

still rising up defiant from when people had their say.

Not colonized nor compromised, not patronized though demonized,

Gibraltar she identifies that ‘British’ she will stay. 

In the peaceful Alameda lies a beautiful tranquility

so naturally enchanting it can take the breath away.

Just a heartbeat from Trafalgar where Horatio keeps vigil

over Mariners who served him on that legendary day.

Along the promenade of Rosia looking down toward El Quarry,

a pod of dolphins welcome those, who call to say hello.

In another world, a mile away, the Med Steps are utopia;

a stairway to a vista for all of those who choose to go.

Not standing still a new world ever mixes with the old,

with the Windsor Bridge and Skywalk complimenting Irish Town;

while the Mad Monk on the Main Street so frequented by the sailors

sees the guard forever changing, as the eastern sun goes down.

As hist’ry still unravels in the depths of Gorham’s Cave,

and the lighthouse at Europa shows the sea-farers the way,

mischievous macaques waste time confidently at play,

knowing while ever they are res-ident, ‘British’ Gib will stay.

In a melting pot of culture, creed, religion or of race,

whether Casemates, the Piazza, or St.Michael’s be the place, 

for a while among Llanitos, who are welcoming with grace,

it is a privilege to spend time in their fascinating space. 

High above the Upper Town lies a captivating view,

just a stone throw from the tunnels occupied in World War Two.

where Her Majesty surveyed the Bay in nineteen fifty-four;

while from every home a flag was raised, a cheer from every door.